Motto Nails is about expressing who you are and what you stand for. It’s more than painting your nails a different color, it is a statement. We spend countless hours coming up with limited edition DIY at-home gel manicure kits that are unique, salon-quality, and affordable. Unlike other nail kits, we specialize in unique manicure designs. Every kit has its own theme made up of 5 gel polish colors, nail stickers, stencils, rhinestone, and other nail accessories to help you express your own motto.


Our unique gel formula requires no base coat or top coat, doesn’t damage your nail beds and keeps them growing healthy and strong. The soak off gel polish has a quick curing time of 30 seconds, last up to two weeks and can easily be removed.


I created Motto Nails with one goal in mind, to enable every girl to express herself through nail art without spending hundreds of dollars at the nail salon or shopping all over for different colors and accessories. I enjoy almost anything that has the letters “DIY” in it. From baking cakes to doing my own make up and nails, I enjoy figuring out how to do it myself and do it well. Nail art started out as a hobby, but after seeing how complicated it can get, I decided to put together my own nail kits that makes the whole process simple, fun, and affordable for everyone.

Xoxo, Kristine